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Help for partners

It’s important to take care of your partner.
Of your relationship. And of yourself.

As a partner the most important thing to remember is this: ED is a medical condition and you‘re definitively not the cause. Acknowledge that the challenge exists and then try to speak openly about it with your partner. Remember: Treat this the way you would do with any other conflict in your relationship, just calmly discuss it and seek for a solution together. And while some men would rather go the treatment route alone, other might welcome the support of their partner. So be certain to make the offer to go with him to a doctor’s appointment, and then let him make the final decision.

Possible strategies to find a solution together:


“Stay positive. Keep talking and discuss what you and your partner want and need, how you can achieve it and who might help you best. Keep in mind that the condition also affects many other and can be treated.”


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