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If you suffer from symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), it is recommended that you seek medical advice.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) symptoms might include:

Seeing your healthcare provider
is a good place to start looking for help.

Do you have concerns about your erections and fear you might suffer from ED?
Do you think that another medical condition (like diabetes or heart disease) could be linked to that challenge?

Good news: Nearly every case of ED is treatable today.

Look around you. There’s a good chance that guy sitting next to you might have ED, or that the woman across the room is wondering how to help her partner find answers. Rest assured that those answers exist:
With the right medication the blood flow to the penis can be intensified in response to sexual stimulation, helping men to attain and to sustain a full erection again.


“It’s not easy to talk about Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and many guys with ED feel like their lives are out of control. But there is definitively hope, and they can take back control.”

Erectile Dysfunction is more common than you think.

There is absolutely no need to be embarrassed. Being open with your healthcare providers will allow them to find the best treatment available for you. And sometimes, treating an underlying condition is enough to reverse ED. And in other cases, when medications are needed, you can be sure that the symptoms can be relieved or even eliminated by using Erectile Dysfunction drugs.


Additionally, feel free to use our questionnaire with questions your doctor may ask at your first visit.
It might be helpful to complete it in advance so that you are prepared for the appointment.
Click here to start the questionnaire.


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